Welcome to BUSWISE


BUSWISE is a partnership between East Riding of Yorkshire Council, schools, parents, pupils and local bus companies. 

This partnership works together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using either the school bus or public transport.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council put great importance on the safety and happiness of all pupils who use the home to school transport. The majority of young people are very well behaved and travel on the home to school transport in a sensible and acceptable manner.

However, problems occasionally occur either with the service provider or the behaviour or actions of a minority of pupils. Buswise provides a central point of contact for anyone who wishes to report an incident with Home to School transport, it is important to remember that only the incidents reported in this way can be dealt with. Whether it is an issue with the service, driver attitude, bullying or behaviour, by reporting it you are taking responsible action to ensure the safety and happiness of all passengers.

Reporting incidents

All incidents should be reported to Buswise via the electronic form or telephoning 03456 445959.

Buswise has developed a comprehensive package of measures designed to address all areas of the Home to School transport, these include:

  • Driver customer care training

  • Clarity of roles for all stakeholders

  • Clear disciplinary guidelines for schools

  • Educational sessions for primary and secondary school pupils

  • Behavioural expectations

Pupils, parents, bus operators and schools are able to report incidents to a single point of contact by completing an electronic form or telephoning 03456 445959.

This will ensure that all incidents are dealt with consistently enabling auditable, timely actions along with the facility to provide accurate feedback.