Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUSWISE?

Buswise is a package of educational measures aimed at tackling issues on home to school transport services.  A main feature is the reporting mechanism which is designed to be a single point of contact whereby all reported incidents are dealt with. 

How do I report incidents on the buses?

You can report an incident using the online reporting formor telephone 03456 445959 (during office hours 08:30 - 16:30 Monday to Friday). All information will be handled in the strictest of confidence.  

Do I have to give my name when reporting incidents?

No, you have the option to remain anonymous, but it will help us if you do leave your name as we may need to contact you for further information relating to the incident or if you would like to receive feedback.  

Who can report incidents?

Anyone can report an incident.  Pupils who travel on the bus, bus drivers, local residents, other passengers, parents. 

How will I know that the incident has been dealt with?

All incidents will be dealt with either by the school, bus company, or the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Transport team or a combination of all three.  If you have left your contact details we will inform you of the outcome of the investigation.

Is CCTV footage used to deal with incidents?

Yes   Some buses have CCTV and this footage can be used as evidence during an investigation of an incident. CCTV is operated in accordance with our CCTV protocol which complies with all of the requirements.

Who can see the images?

Only authorised officers are able to view CCTV footage. Depending on the seriousness of the incident this may be Council Officers, Bus company staff and the Police. 

Can an incident be reported directly to the school?

No, all incidents must be reported using the hotline number 03456 445959 or the online reporting form. This ensures that all incidents are recorded accurately and dealt with appropriately. 

Can an incident be reported at school using school computers?

Yes, each school has their own policy for use of school computers, you may need to ask a member of staff for permission to use a computer.

Will the information that is given when reporting an incident be shared with any outside agencies?

No.  The information will be transferred to the appropriate school using an encrypting computer programme and in some cases the bus company.  This information will remain confidential to these parties.