Information for parents

Parents – you have a very important part to play to ensure that your child has a safe and pleasant journey on the school bus.  Please read the Buswise parent and pupil guides with your child to make sure you both understand the behaviour guide.

The vast majority of young people are well behaved while travelling on school buses but occasionally a small minority may behaviour in a manner which causes distress and offence and could compromise the safety of passengers. Any behaviour of this type is unacceptable and should be reported to Buswise using the hotline number 03456 445959 or the online reporting form.

By working together with you, your child, and bus companies we can ensure that your child has a safe and pleasant journey on the school bus.

Service Information

Home to school services will be provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS), or a contractor. Timetables of routes covered in the East Riding may be viewed on the School bus times page. If you have any complaints or issues regarding a bus service please report it to Buswise via the Buswise hotline number 03456 445959 or the online reporting form.

Bus Passes 

If your child is issued with a bus pass, this pass can only be used on council contracted services. By accepting this bus pass you and your child have agreed to abide by the Buswise behaviour guide. Action will be taken against pupils who breach this guide.

The bus pass entitles the person named to travel only on the route stated. The pass must be shown on boarding and to any other authorised person on request.

Please take care of the bus pass – a fee of £10 is charged for a replacement. If you have any queries regarding bus passes or require a replacement pass please email school.transport@eastriding.gov.uk

If your child cannot produce a pass or ticket they will be charged a fare which is not refundable.

Behaviour Issues

If an incident involving bad behaviour is reported to Buswise, an investigation will take place to determine the action needed to resolve the matter.  The consequences will depend on the frequency and severity of the incident.  In deciding what action to take, the council will consult with a pupils headteacher.

In addition to the penalties below, alternative action may also be taken by the school.

Warning letter

For a minor, first time incident, a warning letter would be given to the pupil concerned and copies sent to their home and the transport operator.

Short, medium and long term ban

A more serious incident can result in a ban from using school transport from anywhere between a few days to a whole year.

Permanent ban

Where justified on safety grounds or other reasons, the council can decide not to provide transport for a pupil. If this were to happen, the pupils parents would have to make their own home to school transport arrangements.

Payment of damages

If a pupil causes damage to a vehicle, they and their parents will be required to pay for the repairs.


Where justified and appropriate, an incident will be referred to the police for investigation and possible prosecution.